In the Morning

God, I need you first and I need you more!

In fact, if you look at Abraham, you'll notice that he had this habit of early mornings alone with God.  Moses receives the Ten Commandments early in the morning.  Gideon receives his call to go out and be a great warrior very early in the morning.  Joshua receives from heaven the strategy to defeat Jericho very early in the morning. David, Isaiah and the list goes on and on. And of course there is Jesus.

There is something special and divine, something powerful about the early morning before the sun rises, when you're still groggy, when you want to stay in your warm bed, and nothing can get you out of that bed except a deep hunger for God, a desire to meet with your creator.

Set your alarm 60 minutes early and spend time with God in the morning. Use the below resources to help in this challenge.

If you have been enjoying the morning devotions, they have been graciously provide by First15.  We hope you will continue to engage in this devotional and go deeper in your walk as you give your first 60 minutes to God. 

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